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Firestorm #53 Cover Reveals Villain Name Change & Color Guide

Several color guides to Firestorm The Nuclear Man covers have recently surfaced on eBay. One particular color guide worth noting is the cover to Firestorm The Nuclear Man #53 (Nov. 1986). Not only does it show how coloring was done in the 1980s, it also reveals there was a name change for the villain of this issue! Apparently the […]

Firestorm Coloring Page on

If you head over to DC Comics website right now, you can download some cool Batman: The Brave and the Bold coloring pages! Among these pages is even one dedicated to the Nuclear Man! Just for fun, check out the name given to this PDF file on DC Comics website: “08222013_2nd_3rd Tier Heros.PDF”.  Second and […]

Firestorm Word Balloons

One of the nice artistic touches in the current Fury of Firestorm series is the word balloons. Each of the Firestorm protocol characters has their own distinctive-looking word balloon. I asked the folks at Hi-Fi Colour Design who developed these unique looks. Here was their response: Pre-2000 this was the colorist domain at DC. Today […]

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