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Firestorm vs Despero by Joshua Flower

CROSSOVER! Everybody loves a crossover! Today FIRESTORM FAN is teaming up with the blogs representing Martian Manhunter, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman!

All through December over on THE IDOL-HEAD OF DIABOLU, our good buddy Frank has been running “The December of Despero!” That’s right, everyone’s favorite Martian Manhunter blog has turned the reigns over to one of the vilest JLA villains of all time — Despero! Today we’re going to play along!

Check out the sketchcard below featuring Firestorm battling Despero by Joshua Flowers! You can find this sketch over on Flower’s deviantART account.

Firestorm by Joshua Flower (Sigint on deviantART)

Kind of a unique interpretation for both Firestorm and Despero. Despero’s madness is captured nicely, but something about Firestorm’s face is hard for me to accept. Perhaps it’s the teeth or the angry expression. Ignoring Firestorm’s face, I think this is a great drawing! Interesting perspective, great coloring, and dynamic action! Good stuff!

As we continue our Despero crossover… wait, what was that? … that can’t be right … seriously?!?! … Okay folks, I’ve been informed that apparently today Frank isn’t featuring Despero during his own “The December of Despero” crossover. … Just great. Thanks, Frank. … Instead we’re focusing on the artwork of Joshua Flower. With that now settled, here is another great Joshua Flower Firestorm sketch! You can also find this sketch card on Joshua Flower’s deviantART account.

Firestorm by Joshua Flower (Sigint on deviantART)

This time around we have Jason battling two armored dudes. Not sure if those armored guys represent soldiers, robots, DOLLIES, or possibly even Multiplex (in his original uniform). Whoever Firestorm is battling, it sure looks great! I think I prefer this card to the one at the top.

Joshua Flowers Crossover

As mentioned, we’ve crossed over with a few different blogs today! My thanks to Diabolu Frank for suggesting and coordinating today’s cool posts! While I’m featuring Firestorm here on my site, you should visit these other character-specific blogs to see how they spotlight their own favorite heroes today. Visit them now, visit them later, and visit them often!

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  1. Frank says:

    I love the attitude Shag– I mean yours, not the Nuclear Menses. “Wait, we’re doing what now? Sonuva…”

    As I understand it, the artist drew Firestorm for some dude, only to learn afterward that the dude wanted the white guy instead of the black guy. I think maybe that’s why the Ronnie card is angrier than the Jason one (and possibly why it features the name villain Despero instead of Go-Bot Dreadnaughts or whatever.) What, “Fury” is right there in the title, man. I was happy to see Despero cameo, but between you and me, I don’t think that’s quite how Firestorm’s powers work (you totally totally missed that, right?) Kids, bring reference and be specific when you commission at cons, m’kay? Say, did any version of Firestorm ever fight any version of Despero ever?

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