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Firestorm on Robot Chicken DC Comics Special

Not gonna spoil anything here, but if you haven’t watched the Robot Chicken DC Comics Special, stop what you are doing and watch it right now! You can watch it online by clicking this link. Seriously bro, stop wasting your time and get on this!

One of the reasons this special is so brilliant, and wonderfully steeped in DC continuity, is that Geoff Johns served as an Executive Producer and a Writer. That’s right, Geoff Johns, the guy who wrote the Firestorm parts of the Brightest Day comic. In fact, I’m guessing it was Geoff Johns who ensured Firestorm made an appearance in this hilarious special! Check out the two images below for a sneak peek!

Robot Chicken DC Comics Special featuring Firestorm

Robot Chicken DC Comics Special featuring Firestorm

Oh yeah Nuclear Man, represent! Plus, Firestorm was voiced by Alfred Molina (Doctor Octopus in Spider-Man 2)! How cool is that?!?!

Don’t forget, click here to watch the Robot Chicken DC Comics Special online right now! Fair warning, the comments will be filled with SPOILERS!

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  1. DrNobody says:

    I actually thought it stunk… The first half was over, and I was hoping it was going to be funny…. It essentially was like 90% of season 5 of Robot Chicken and just wasn’t as funny as the show was in it’s first 4 seasons… Hopefully the rest of the season is better…

    And a non-Firestorm related question from the special…. Did any one else notice that Hal (Green Lantern) Jordan had his 90’s white hair streaks?!?

  2. Ed says:

    I absolutely loved it. I laughed my @ss off.
    As we discussed, Shag, did you ever figure out the different colored, bright yellow hand of the Firestorm figure they used in this episode?

  3. Shag says:

    @DrNobody – Sorry you didn’t dig the show. I LOVED IT! And yes, I totally noticed the Hal Jordan gray temples (nowadays retconned as Parallax’s influence). Not sure why they used it though. Gonna think on it.

    @Ed – Firestorm definitely had different hands. I imagine it’s because it was easier to pose those hands as opposed to the hands that came with the figure. Just my guess.

    Thanks for the comments!

  4. James says:

    Count me in as another who liked the special. But to each his own.

    Da-da-da-da-that’s Bane!

  5. Ryan Daly says:

    I’m not a regular viewer of Robot Chicken, but I bought this episode from iTunes and LOVED it! I thought Shag would be enraged at Firestorm’s short clip, but seeing him come back the second time to take out his frustration on Mister Banjo and B’dg was terrific.

    Despite all of the great character moments, the absolute funniest part of the episode, I thought, was Abin Sur’s body being devoured by bears!

  6. Spinks says:

    Just saw it. Generally RC is hit and miss of late, and this special was no exception. Firestorm-wise, at first, I thought “oh, man… more Firestorm hate this ain’t good.” But then, I thought it had a great closing joke. Kudos to Firestorm for standing up! Aquaman, however, well, he deserves what he got (LOL)

  7. DrNobody says:

    I’m not sure why this one didn’t connect with my funny bone… I typically love the segments with the super-heroes, but just didn’t get into this one… Maybe I hyped myself too much on this… My favorite of the segments was definitely the Arthur Kensington Jr. becoming Green Lantern skit (the one where Abin Sur gets eaten by bears).

  8. Shag says:

    For those of you that did enjoy the Robot Chicken DC Comics special, be watching your FIRE AND WATER PODCAST feed! I’m just sayin’…

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