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Quit goofing around on the internet. Go read The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men #5! This issue is written by Gail Simone & Ethan Van Sciver, with art by Yildiray Cinar & Norm Rapmund, and a cover by Ethan Van Sciver!

Well… if you can’t get your hands on a copy at this exact minute, then head over to the DC Universe: The Source blog and check out what Firestorm editor Rachel Gluckstern has to say about the upcoming issues of the series!

Okay, now go read the comic!  We’ll talk later.  There’s lots to discuss. Be sure to leave your comments here!

Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men #5 cover by Ethan Van Sciver

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  1. Royal Octopus says:

    I assume that must be organic rope holding the boys back. Zither = Slipnot 2.0?

  2. Royal Octopus says:

    SlipKnot, rather.

  3. Spinks says:

    Issue has some nice politics. Complex issues brewing. And, I love the ending… “boom” I like it when the heroes fail on occasion.

  4. Martin Stein RIP says:


    Okay, I finally figured out how this relates to Gerry Conway’s original run. It’s like a modernized version of the Tokamak story from FOF (vol. 2) issues 14-18 plus the first annual.

    For those who are complaining how humorless this book is, and how lighthearted they remember the 80s FOF run to be, go back and read those issues. They’re pretty serious in tone. Ronnie believes he loses his dad. Tokamak is creating new nuclear men and other powered villains left and right (including Enforcer, Firehawk and himself). A United States Senator sells out his vote because his daughter is kidnapped.

    It’s pretty serious in tone and stakes are high. One lone madman wants to have an arsenal of nuclear men at his disposal and Ronnie is hardly the wisecracking Peter Parker through this run.

    There are many parallels to this run. Zither puts on a show for the public; Henry Hewitt was seen by the public as a benign industrialist. Senator Reilly was corrupted through blackmail; Alvin Rusch is corrupted through the possibility of material wealth for the first time in his life. We have terrorist henchmen everywhere with nuclear powers. A lot of suspense.

    I also like Ronnie and Jason’s relationship taking a step forward in this issue. I’m also intrigued by Jason’s dream of the soon-to-be-mute Fury. Was this Jason’s normal subconscious creating a Fury? Or was it the real Fury talking to Jason through the Firestorm matrix? Time will tell.

    And talk about a cliffhanger. We’ve got a smoldering crater, lots of skeletons, and our heroes looking like a couple of chumps for the world to see. Were they set up by Zither? (Of coursssseee.) A better question is, how long will it take for them to figure it out?

    Great job, team. 5+/5

  5. Patrick says:

    I just got my copy today and I really enjoyed it. I feel the book itself has gotten a bad rap in general. Maybe it’s that I was never an avid collector/follower of Firestorm that I have a different set of expectations.

    I really feel like MartinSteinRIP did a fantastic write-up, including the parallels to prior story arcs.

    One thing that I have thought about, especially with the last issue, is that I think it makes sense (“comic”-ly speaking) for there to be so many Firestorm’s out there. Just like the nuclear arms proliferation, the ability to “create” a Firestorm entity is a known (even if relatively few do). This isn’t a freak-ish experiment gone awry that can’t be duplicate, but a scientific creation that can be re-created with the proper source materials and know-how. Even those that don’t have all the pieces, have enough to create what I see as a “dirty bomb” Firestorm.

    I do find myself wishing I could just read the next installment already!

    Keep up the great work/comments everyone. I’m anxious to see what the future holds for Firestorm(s).

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