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Firestorm and The Hero Initiative JLA Covers

The Hero Initiative, a charity dedicated to helping comic creators in medical or financial need, recently partnered with DC Comics on a new Justice League of America project. Dozens of artists were asked to create their own covers for Justice League of America #50 using 100 blank-covered cardstock copies of the book. Several Firestorm artists (current and past) were involved in the project, including: Yildiray Cinar, Norm Rapmund, Al Milgrom, Tom Mandrake, Jamal Igle, and George Perez. Other artists that participated included: Jim Lee, Alex Ross, Walt Simonson, Alan Davis, Fred Hembeck, and many others.

To view all 104 covers to Justice League of America #50, please visit the Hero Initiative website. Below you’ll find a few Firestorm-related covers…

 Below is a cover by Firestorm co-creator Al Milgrom! This is one of the few covers to feature Firestorm. Click the cover to enlarge.Al Milgrom Hero Initiative JLA #50 Cover

Below is a cover by Scott Koblish (inker of O.M.A.C.). Not only does the cover include Firestorm, but also Aquaman, Doctor Fate, Flash, Vibe, and so many other favorites! I couldn’t resist posting it! Click the cover to enlarge.

Scott Koblish Hero Initiative JLA #50 cover

Below is a cover by current Firestorm artist Yildiray Cinar! It doesn’t include Firestorm, but it’s gorgeous! Click the cover to enlarge.

Yildiray Cinar Hero Initiative JLA #50 cover

Finally, below is a cover by future Firestorm inker Norm Rapmund! Again, no Firestorm, but beautiful line work! Click the cover to enlarge.

Norm Rapmund Hero Initiative JLA #50 cover

To check out all 104 covers to Justice League of America #50, please visit the Hero Initiative website.

Special thanks to our buddy liquidcross (of The Indigo Tribe and Text and Violence) for the heads-up on these covers! Thanks, liquidcross!

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  1. Frank says:

    Wonder Woman looks stoned in that Milgrom cover.

    The Scott Koblish cover is insane! Love it!

    I didn’t realize that there was an online resource collecting all those covers. Sorting them out for posting should take me a good long while!

  2. liquidcross says:

    Happy to be of service. The Milgrom and Brereton covers are likely my favorites of the bunch, but there’s so many great ones to choose from…

  3. Russell says:

    Cool! I had heard these were coming out soon. Great to see them here. Will have to pick up a few copies when they are printed. Big fan of the HERO Initiative. 😉

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