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More Firestorm Custom Statues

Check out these gorgeous Firestorm custom statues!  Last year we posted a fantastic Firestorm custom statue.  I thought that was the only one out there, but then I stumbled across these beauties!

This first statue was sculpted by Gabriel Luna and is part of Averone’s collection.  I found this over on the Statues Community Forum.  I did some digging and found a copy listed on eBay for $750.  While I’m desperate for these Firestorm statues, $750 is too rich for my blood.

Firestorm statue by Gabriel Luna

Firestorm statue by Gabriel Luna

Turns out this is just one statue in Averone’s awesome JLA collection. Click the image below to enlarge!

Averone's JLA custom statue collection

Next up is a Firestorm custom statue built by moore_000.  He converted an existing Wolverine statue into a musclebound Firestorm statue. Click here to see the Wolverine-to-Firestorm transformation over at the Statue Forum.

Firestorm custom statue by moore_000 from a Wolverine statue

Firestorm statue by moore_000 from a Wolverine statue

Firestorm statue by moore_000 from a Wolverine statue

Seriously, these are breathtaking!  Seeing our favorite Nuclear Man in statue form makes me wish DC Direct would hurry up and produce one for everyone!

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  1. Ed says:

    Oh man. I wish I had $750 to burn. Actually, that Batman and Martian Manhunter is pretty awesome too so I’m thinking I’m gonna need to get two more jobs to save up for these. Who needs sleep?

  2. KenViking says:

    Wow, both of these are Awesome! It makes me want to pick up modeling! $750, is a little rich for most. S o maybe I’ll make one of my own!

  3. outburst says:

    Those are both great. The Wolverine to Firestorm version is a little bulky but still quite nice.
    If money were no concern to me, and I’m not that fortunate, I’d pick up that $750 beauty. Very accurate rendition of our favorite paper-based hero. =)
    The JLA set together is breathtaking.

  4. Fnu nanang says:

    HOw can i order batman or superman statue and for how much?!

  5. Vagner Oliveira says:

    $750??????????? WTF???

  6. […] slated for release in Fall 2015. We’ve seen custom Firestorm statues previously (here and here), but this will be the first legitimate Firestorm statue from DC! We’ll be sure to let you […]

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