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DC Comics Bombshells Killer Frost Statue & Flash Cover

Killer Frost is getting the “bombshell” treatment! Check out below the DC Comics Bombshells Killer Frost Statue from DC Collectibles coming in Spring 2016! On the left you’ll find the inspiring artwork by Ant Lucia! Click to enlarge the image below. Based upon pre-orders, this statue will retail for around $99. Here is the product description: DC […]

Firestorm Statue Coming Soon from DC Collectibles

Back in January DC Collectibles announced a Firestorm statue as part of their DC Comics Icons line! This glossy statue is based upon Firestorm’s appearance in his New 52 series, starting in Fury of Firestorm #0 and continuing through #13-#20. The statue is slated for release in Fall 2015. We’ve seen custom Firestorm statues previously (here and here), but […]

More Firestorm Custom Statues

Check out these gorgeous Firestorm custom statues!  Last year we posted a fantastic Firestorm custom statue.  I thought that was the only one out there, but then I stumbled across these beauties! This first statue was sculpted by Gabriel Luna and is part of Averone’s collection.  I found this over on the Statues Community Forum.  […]

Black Lantern Firestorm Bust

DC Direct just announced their intention to release a Blackest Night Black Lantern Firestorm bust in 2011!  This is part of DC Direct’s year-long program to produce a new Blackest Night bust each month in 2011. Here is the solicitation: HEROES OF THE DC UNIVERSE: BLACKEST NIGHT BLACK LANTERN FIRESTORM Bust Based on the art […]

Firestorm Custom Statue

Check out this gorgeous Firestorm custom statue!  Simply breathtaking. This unbelievably cool custom statue was sculpted by jimM and painted by Jesse321 from Statue  You can find more information (and more pictures) on Statue Man, I wish DC would produce something like this. Support Firestorm! Fan the flame!

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