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Killer Frost Cosplay

Check out this fantastic Killer Frost cosplay!  Silena Evion posed in this “hot” costume (yes, pun intended) recently during IKKiCON in Austin!

Killer Frost Cosplay at IKKiCON

Killer Frost cosplay at IKKiCON

Killer Frost Cosplay at IKKiCON

And finally, here she is with our friend Brad West in his Brightest Day Firestorm costume from Outrageous Outfits.

Killer Frost and Firestorm cosplay at IKKiCON

You can find these pictures, taken by Frank Hui, over at Robyn’s Roost on the “Other Adventures” page under “Ikkicon”. This was Silena’s first convention!  Great costume and great look!  Well done, Silena!  Ironically, during the convention she caught … a cold.  I’m not making this up!

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  1. DAMN! And I LIVE in AUSTIN! How come I just thought there’d be nothing but anime stuff there? If I’d have know there’d be more I’d have gone

  2. David H. says:

    what an awesome Killer Frost out fit! i just love well done costumes worn by women who have the right bodies for them. if she’s got a boyfriend that dude is one lucky s.o.b! and if she’s got a girlfriend instead i wanna see more pictures.

  3. David H. says:

    what the hell gives here!!? there’s a bunch of photos of a hot chick in a way cool costume and only one other guy aside from myself saw fit to leave a comment? really? surely there’s a enough under and over weight guys out there who don’t get laid much (if at all) who eat this stuff up.

  4. […] Below you’ll find Silena Evion as Killer Frost at the IKKiCON 2011 […]

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