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Killer Frost Cosplay

Check out this fantastic Killer Frost cosplay!  Silena Evion posed in this “hot” costume (yes, pun intended) recently during IKKiCON in Austin! And finally, here she is with our friend Brad West in his Brightest Day Firestorm costume from Outrageous Outfits. You can find these pictures, taken by Frank Hui, over at Robyn’s Roost on […]

Firestorm Cosplay at Dragon*Con 2010

Check out this excellent Firestorm cosplayer at Dragon*Con 2010 sporting the new costume from Brightest Day! This year was my tenth appearance at Dragon*Con in Atlanta. I’ve never seen anyone dressed as Firestorm in all my years attending.  Allen from the Superhero Costuming Forum dressed as the Nuclear Man back in 2008 at Dragon*Con, but […]

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