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Firestorm in Justice League Unlimited

While Firestorm never appeared on the Justice League Unlimited animated series, there were apparently plans for him.  Dwayne McDuffie, writer for Firestorm vol III and Justice League Unlimited writer/producer, said the producers had permission from DC Comics to use Firestorm, but the show’s creators could not come up with a story using him that they liked.  Supposedly the creators planned to use the Ronnie Raymond/Professor Martin Stein version of Firestorm.  He was to have been the lead character for the episode “The Greatest Story Never Told”, but was replaced by Booster Gold. What a bummer!  It would have been great to see Firestorm on JLU!

We’ve seen a few different interpretations of what Firestorm would have looked like in JLU form.  Today I present three different options.

Below is a drawing by Steve Jones, an illustrator on the Justice League animated series.  This sketch was commissioned by fellow Firestorm fan Avery Barnes at the Emerald City Comicon a few years back. Because Firestorm never made it on the show, Avery wanted an illustration of what match-head would have looked like if he had appeared.

Firestorm in Justice League Unlimited by Steve Jones

Firestorm appeared in a few issues of the Justice League Unlimited comic book drawn by Carlo Barberi.  Below you’ll find a couple images taken from Justice League Unlimited #3.

Firestorm in Justice League Unlimited comic books

Below you’ll find a shot of Ice and Firestorm shrinking.

Firestorm in Justice League Unlimited comic books

Finally, below is the Justice League Unlimited Firestorm action figure released earlier this year.

Firestorm in Justice League Unlimited - Action Figure

There you have it, three different versions of the JLU Firestorm.  Which do you like best?  Be sure to share in the comments!

Special thanks to Avery Barnes for sending me the scan of Steve Jones sketch!

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  1. I would love to see a full color version of that first sketch…possible inserted into an image with the rest of the JLA

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