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Brightest Day #11 Post-Game Report

Brightest Day #11 was awesome! Things really ramped up this time around!  Last issue was full of exposition, while this issue was full of action.

Brightest Day #11 variant cover

Warning, the following contains SPOILERS for Brightest Day #11.








The story featured Firestorm and Aquaman predominately, switching back and forth between their adventures.  For coverage of the Aquaman plot, check out Rob’s fantastic write-up on THE AQUAMAN SHRINE.  Firestorm was fortunate enough to have twelve glorious pages all to himself!  I’ve said it before, but the art keeps getting better and better each issue! Penciller Scott Clark and inker Dave Beaty are knocking these Firestorm pages out of the park.  No offense to David Finch, but DC should let Clark and Beaty do a few Firestorm covers for Brightest Day.  They’re rendition of the Nuclear Man outshines Finch’s.  Also, huge props go out to Peter Steigerwald for his amazing colors this issue.  The colors on the Firestorm pages created a very rich atmosphere!

I’ve already shared my thoughts on the Deathstorm character, so we’ll talk about the rest of the issue.  In no particular order, here are some thoughts that struck me:

  • Absorbing both Professor Stein and Alvin Rusch was a great story point for this issue.  The writers have done a good job setting up both characters roles in previous issues, so even new readers understood why these characters were important to Ronnie & Jason.  While I’m really enjoying it, I do hope this plot thread is resolved quickly.  Professor Stein has been kidnapped twice before in recent years, each time leading to a prolonged search.
  • Ronnie and Jason working together without conflict was nice to finally see.  Interesting that Ronnie was controlling the body since Jason was in control last time they were fused.  I wonder what controls who is in charge of the body.
  • Here is the greatest Firestorm page I’ve seen in years.   I don’t care if the dialogue seemed a little forced, seeing that logo in use again made me so happy!

Fury of Firestorm - Brightest Day

  • Can’t help but wonder who was the entity bossing around Deathstorm.  Nekron? The Anti-Monitor? Or someone new?  I’ve heard some interesting speculation on a possible Gray Lantern.
  • Deathstorm’s power to create constructs is quite impressive.  That seems far beyond our Firestorm’s powers, or at least the capabilities portrayed previously.
  • Loved the two page spread with the risen Black Lanterns!  A great nod to the Blackest Night #8.  Click the image below to enlarge.

Brightest Day #11 Black Lantern Rise

  • Deathstorm and the other newly-risen Black Lanterns are not wearing Black Lantern rings anymore.  Where does their power come from?
  • Some of you may know that I’m also a huge Aquaman fan.  So this issue was a total win-win for me.  Seeing Arthur dish it out to Black Manta made me happy.

I can’t wait for Brightest Day #12!  I realize sooner or later Firestorm will take a back seat to allow other resurrected characters take the limelight (like Hawkman, Hawkgirl, and Martian Manhunter).  Until that happens, I’m gonna revel in every panel!

Interior images above courtesy of liquidcross and The Indigo Tribe blog.  Thanks!

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  1. Dan says:

    This was my favourite issue so far. I think I even said a ‘Hell Yeah’ when I turned to that Fury of Firestorm page 😀

  2. Firestormfan89 says:

    A great issue of Brightest Day for sure and a milestone in the saga of Firestorm! Terrific write up as usual Shag and of course I agree with everybody that the “Fury of Firestorm” line was the best moment of the year. Did anybody else notice that they have corrected the error in Alvin Rusch from earlier parts of Brightest Day and he was again depicted having only one arm?

  3. greenlanternJBJofsector1138 says:

    thanks for the RISE spread! ive been looking for it online for days!!

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