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Blackest Night #3 — OMG! (No Spoilers)

If you’re a Firestorm fan and haven’t read Blackest Night #3 yet, head out to your local comic book store RIGHT NOW!  This is the one we’ve all been waiting for!  Jason Rusch/Gehenna Firestorm versus Ronnie Raymond Black Lantern Firestorm.

I don’t really want to share spoilers here just yet.  I will say that it’s a really powerful story and I’m anxious to see more.  This wasn’t some boring “nothing happened issue”; things definitely happened for Firestorm in this issue.  Normally Geoff Johns’ best storytelling is in the quiet moments between battles, however, in this case the fights were the best part of the issue.  I’m not saying that in a negative way.  I genuinely mean the fights were impressive and we learned a lot more about the Black Lanterns during the fights.

I picked up the Ethan Van Sciver variant cover for this issue.  If you are interested in getting this variant cover, be warned it is limited.  I’ve seen it online going for $10 – $25 already, however, I’m sure that amount will rise.  Retailers were allowed to order only one copy of this variant cover for every 25 copies of the Blackest Night #3 standard edition they ordered.  While I normally refuse to pay extra for a variant cover, I simply had to own this one.

There are lots of reviews of Blackest Night #3 online.  Below are just a few.  Be warned, these contain SPOILERS:

If you’re looking for some discussion on Blackest Night’s impact on Firestorm, head over to the DC Comics Message Board.

Seriously, if you haven’t read this issue yet, go read it now.  Next week we’ll talk spoilers.

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  2. Luke says:

    Yeah, things are going pretty rough for a lot of our heroes. I know how you feel!

  3. Roger says:

    I paid 25 dollars for the variant of Issue 2 featuring Aquaman, so I feel your pain… although it’s very nice to look at! I’m sure you feel the same way about yours! Enjoy!

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