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Fun with Transmutation! Experiment #1.2a

Hey kids, it’s Science Time!  Today we’ll be conducting our first experiment in a little segment I like to call, FUN WITH TRANSMUTATION!

We’ll label today’s lesson Experiment #1.2a.  Always use the Scientific Method to ensure the most accurate results. Now remember kids, don’t try this at home without parental supervision.


1. Ask a question: One of our high school students, Ronnie Raymond, has a question he’d like answered.  Ronnie asks, “Do superpowers impress girls?”  Good question, Ronnie.  Why don’t you lead us through your experiment.

2. Do background research: Ummm… Ronnie’s a bit impulsive.  He didn’t really do this step.  Additionally, he ignored Professor Martin Stein’s advice on the subject.

3. Write a hypothesis: Ronnie’s hypothesis is, “Foxy ladies totally dig superpowers.”

4. Test with an experiment: Ronnie chose a rather unique way to test his hypothesis by transmuting a discarded newspaper into a bouquet of plastic flowers.

5. Analyze data and draw a conclusion: Based upon data collected, Ronnie’s conclusion is that superpowers are so intoxicating to women that they simply pass out when confronted with them.

There you have it class.  Conclusive evidence that girls are impressed by superpowers.

A+ for Ronnie!

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  1. Luke says:

    Man if I had known it was this easy, high school would have been a breeze!

  2. The Sisterhood of Karn says:

    Now post the rest of this issue!

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