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Remember months ago when I said that no one else had done a Firestorm-specific blog?  Turns out I was wrong!  Jon from New Zealand did quite a few fantastic Firestorm-related posts on his blog Fizzit back in 2007 & 2008.  You’ve gotta check out his site!  I’m totally envious of his brilliant posts.

One of his regular features was a hilarious segment entitled, “How Not To Treat Girls, featuring Firestorm“.  These segments showed exactly how much of an asshat Ronnie and the Professor could be towards girls.  Too funny!

In fact, Jon beat me to the punch (literally) on a post I’ve been planning.  In one particular issue of Firestorm, Ronnie actually punched out his step-mother in order to protect his secret identity! Seriously, he clocked her!  Fizzit did a post on this already, so instead of reinventing the wheel and doing my own post on it, I recommend you check his out by clicking here.  As a step-parent myself, I hope my step-son never knocks me out in order to protect a secret of his.

Be sure to check out Fizzit!  Jon’s got over 50 Firestorm-related posts and it’s well worth your time.

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