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Gehenna vs Tomorrow Woman

Here are a couple fun pages of Gehenna giving a hard time to the Justice Society International. … That sound you hear is a bunch of Match-heads scratching their noggin’ thinking, “What the heck is the JSI?!?” The JSI was a team featured in the altered timeline of the Trinity maxi-series. From Trinity #22, Gehenna […]

Nuclear News – 2009.01.15 – Appearances, Toys, Creators, Cartoons

Welcome to the first installment of FIRESTORM FAN’s Nuclear News!  With these segments, I’ll try and cover any recent information, character appearances, or creator updates.  Since this is the first one, we’ve got some catching up to do. Firestorm (Jason/Gehenna) appeared in Justice League of America #28 by Dwayne McDuffie, Jose Luis, and JP Mayer.  […]

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