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John Byrne’s Superman Quoted Firestorm

In an early issue of his Superman run, John Byrne featured word balloons from over a dozen other titles released that same month — including Firestorm! This information was featured recently over on CBR’s “Comic Book Legends Revealed.”  The issue was Superman #10 (Oct. 1987) by John Byrne and Karl Kesel. In the story, Superman’s […]

Blank Slate Firestorm Original Artwork Bonanza

It’s time for more original Firestorm artwork from our good friend Jon from FIZZIT, the Firestorm-themed blog! He happens to own several original Firestorm pages and convention sketches and has been kind enough to allow me to publish scans of them here. Jon’s been a great contributor to FIRESTORM FAN and my thanks go out […]

Firestorm vol. II #84 (April 1989) – Original Art

Here are some scans of the original art from Firestorm vol. II #84.  Jon from the Fizzit Firestorm blog happens to own several of the original pages.  He was kind enough to allow me to publish them here.  Thanks, Jon! Firestorm volume II #84 – “Souls of Fire” Writer: John Ostrander Penciller: Tom Grindberg Inker: […]

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