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Firestorm en Español: La Guerra de los Elementales

Back in 1990, Firestorm was featured in a Spanish reprint comic entitled DC Premiere.  While DC Premiere ran 18 issues, Firestorm only appeared in two of them.  If I understand correctly, these two issues reprinted Firestorm #90-93, the four issues that made up the “Elemental War”.  Other series reprinted in DC Premiere include: Doctor Fate, […]

Showcase Presents: Firestorm The Nuclear Man

SHOWCASE PRESENTS: FIRESTORM THE NUCLEAR MAN VOL. 1 TP Written by Gerry Conway; Art by Al Milgrom, George Perez, Pat Broderick, and others; Cover by Al Milgrom In this explosive, value-packed volume, witness the creation of Firestorm, the Nuclear Man! This collection features  Firestorm in battle against Killer Frost, the Pied Piper, Plastique, the Atomic […]

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