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Firestorm by John Byrne

Check out this cool Firestorm commission sketch by John Byrne from 2007!! Feels very reminiscent of Al Milgrom’s original work on the character. This sketch can be found on John Byrne’s forum, Byrne Robotics. In the same thread, Byrne was asked if he had any affinity for Firestorm. Here is his response: I can think […]

Legends Advertisement (1986)

The following post of awesomeness is dedicated to my good friends: Siskoid, Diabolu Frank, and Benton Grey. Bask in the “Wow” that is Legends, gentleman. Yes, it’s really that good! Click the gorgeous image below to enlarge. Oh yeah, and it’s John Freakin’ Byrne drawing our favorite hot-head! Sweet! A quick nod to a few […]

John Byrne’s Superman Quoted Firestorm

In an early issue of his Superman run, John Byrne featured word balloons from over a dozen other titles released that same month — including Firestorm! This information was featured recently over on CBR’s “Comic Book Legends Revealed.”  The issue was Superman #10 (Oct. 1987) by John Byrne and Karl Kesel. In the story, Superman’s […]

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