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Rogues Gallery: Killer Frost part 2

Back in August I posted the first “Rogues Gallery” entry on Killer Frost, promising the same week would also feature further images of her.  That will teach me not to make promises.  Today we’ll be presenting several Killer Frost images.  Most of these were taken from lazy afternoon web surfing, so I’m unable to identify […]

Exclusive Interview with Artist Jamal Igle

Today we’ve got a very special treat – the first creator interview for FIRESTORM FAN!  Jamal Igle was the penciller on Firestorm vol III for 23 issues.  Thanks to the length of his run, Jamal has drawn the Jason Rusch Firestorm more than any other artist.  While on the book he had the opportunity to […]

Jamal Igle Firestorm Art

Jamal Igle (former Firestorm vol III artist and current Supergirl artist) has been kind enough to grant permission to republish some Firestorm sketches from his blog.  Jamal had a great run on Firestorm vol III, drawing issues #8-#32.  In addition to Firestorm drawings, Jamal’s blog also features other amazing artwork, updates on current projects, and […]

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