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Jamal Igle Firestorm Art

Jamal Igle (former Firestorm vol III artist and current Supergirl artist) has been kind enough to grant permission to republish some Firestorm sketches from his blog.  Jamal had a great run on Firestorm vol III, drawing issues #8-#32.  In addition to Firestorm drawings, Jamal’s blog also features other amazing artwork, updates on current projects, and his convention schedule.  You can visit Jamal’s blog by clicking here.  Be sure to stop by and tell him FIRESTORM FAN sent you!

Also, be sure to support Jamal’s current work on SupergirlSupergirl #43 ships this week – check it out!

Here is a fantastic Ronnie & Jason Commission from 2008

Before Jamal was even attached to the series, Jay Faerber (writer of Dynamo 5 and Noble Causes) and Jamal put together a Firestorm pitch. Below are two of his initial redesigns for the character.

Below is an interim costume that was created after issue #13. The reason for the interim costume was because they knew they would be changing it after ONE YEAR LATER.

Below is the first sketch Jamal did for the costume Jason Rusch now wears.

Below is a nice character study of Firehawk.

Below are two sketchs of the D.O.L.L.I. cyborg soldiers Jason fought

My thanks again to Jamal Igle for letting me republish his artwork here.  The original posts on Jamal’s blog can be found at the links below.

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  1. […] I love the cover to Firestorm vol. III #19 by Matt Haley!  What makes this cover special is the beauty of deep space, the glow of Firestorm’s nuclear aura, and the breathtaking Donna Troy.  Wow!  It’s gorgeous!  This was an interesting time for Jason as he was wearing a costume very similar to the classic Firestorm.  Jamal Igle described it as an “interim costume”, between issues #13 and One Year Later. […]

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