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Firestorm New 52 fan art by John Gallagher

Wow! Check out this amazing piece of fan art by John Gallagher (UncannyKnack on deviantART)! Really stunning! Also, it’s rare to find fan art of Ronnie Raymond in his New 52 “Firestorm Protocols” costume. According to John, “The New 52 seems to have half a dozen costumes floating around so I did an amalgam of […]

Fan Visions of Firestorm Animated and Redesigned

A hallmark of being a fanboy is reimagining your favorite heroes. The internet is littered with fan redesigns of superheroes. Some are amazingly creative, some not so much. Today we’re celebrating those brave fans who put their redesigns out there for us to enjoy! Many fans had hopes that Firestorm would make an appearance in […]

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