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Firestorm Action Figure Index

Here is your resource for Firestorm action (and inaction) figures! Several Match-heads have requested a guide to the Nuclear Man in molded plastic, so I’m happy to oblige. Below you’ll find every Firestorm action figure produced to date. You can use the group photo at the top to provide a sense of scale for subsequent […]

In Stores Today – Deathstorm Action Figure!

Pick up the new Deathstorm action figure at your local comic shop today!! This isn’t the first Deathstorm action figure produced, but it is the first in his recent Crime Syndicate persona. Click the image below to enlarge! Here is the solicitation if you haven’t seen it: DC Comics Super Villains Deathstorm Action Figure This DC […]

Deathstorm Action Figure – Crime Syndicate Edition

A new Deathstorm action figure has been solicited for April 2014 release! This time our favorite Nuclear Nemesis is portrayed in his recent Crime Syndicate persona. Click the image below to enlarge! I’m really impressed with the flaming hair, glowing eyes, and overall sculpt! Looks like a really nice figure! Below is the full solicitation […]

Brightest Day Firestorm Action Figure in Stores Today

The Brightest Day Firestorm action figure from DC Direct should be in stores today!  It’s been a long 12 months waiting since this figure was announced, but the day is finally here! The figure looks fantastic from the solicitations.  Be sure to pick yours up today!  I can’t wait to get mine! Support Firestorm! Fan […]

Brightest Day #23 in stores today, but no action figure

Brightest Day #23 should be hitting stores today!  According to the solicit this issue features Firestorm versus Deadman, which makes SO MUCH MORE sense now then it did when originally solicited.  Presumably, this will lead into Firestorm becoming a fire elemental… again.    Sorry, couldn’t resist. Be sure to pick up your copy today! Sadly, […]

Toy Fair 2011 Firestorm Pics

Toy Fair 2011 is going on right now in New York City.  Comic Book Resources has posted several pictures from the event, some of which include Firestorm!  While it’s wonderful to see these pics, we’re not seeing anything new in regard to Firestorm.  All of the items pictured below had been previously announced.  Still… the […]

BLAMMOIDS! Firestorm figure

Got a new Firestorm toy a couple weeks ago – the Firestorm BLAMMOID!  These unusual figures bill themselves as “Funky. Chunky. Fun.”  Series One included: Batman, Joker, Green Lantern, Sinestro, Aquaman, and Firestorm. Weird little figures.  They’re smaller than I expected.  This figure is only 3.75″ including flaming hair, 2.5″ without.  It’s an adorable figure […]

Black Lantern Firestorm Action Figure

Over at IGN, DC Direct’s Georg Brewer gives the scoop on upcoming Blackest Night action figures from DC Direct.  One of the new figures on the horizon is Blackest Night Firestorm (see below).  This figure is scheduled to be part of Wave 4.  No release date yet, but I’ll be sure to post it here […]

Firestorm … The Nuclear Blockhead?

Firestorm gets funky with DC Direct’s new line of BLAMMOIDS toys coming in January 2010.  According to DC, BLAMMOIDS is a new wave of boldly designed toys unlike anything you’ve experienced before. A striking, energetic and kinetic take on the heroes you hold dear, how could you not want to collect them all? They bounce. […]

DC Direct JLA Series 2 Firestorm action figure – 2004

In my opinion, this is the best-looking classic Firestorm action figure to date!  Back in December 2004, DC Direct released a second series of their JLA action figures.  Series 2 included Elongated Man, the Atom, Adam Strange, and Firestorm. James Shoop did an amazing job on the sculpts for each of these figures!  They truly […]

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