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Firestorm 2016 Promotional Art

Announced earlier this week, a new Firestorm mini-series is due in 2016 written by Firestorm co-creator Gerry Conway! DC Comics announced eight new mini-series in USA Today on Monday, but only five of those series featured accompanying artwork in the article. Well, feast your eyes on this Match-heads! Here is the 2016 Firestorm promotional artwork! The artwork first […]

BREAKING NEWS: New Firestorm mini-series by Gerry Conway in 2016

OFFICIAL: There will be a new Firestorm six-issue mini-series written by co-creator Gerry Conway coming in 2016! Full details over on USA Today! Here are a few of the quotes from the article: “By bringing them on to their own special limited series, we’re really spotlighting what’s so fantastic about these characters,” says Bob Harras, […]

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