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Back to the Futures End – Issues #0-3

Hey Match-heads! Shag here, wishing a warm nuclear welcome to the newest member of the FIRESTORM FAN family — Mr. Tim Wallace! Tim has graciously agreed to provide monthly coverage of DC’s latest weekly event, The New 52: Futures End! Firestorm plays a major role in the series, yet we haven’t focused much on it here. Well, […]

Looking to the future with FUTURES END #5-8

On Wednesday DC Comics released solicitations for The New 52 – Futures End #5-8 shipping in June 2014. Below you’ll find the cover to issue #5 by Ryan Sook, followed by solicitations for the issues. Looks like our favorite Nuclear Dudes are in some trouble! A few things to notice: (1) Jason is sporting glasses — nice […]

Looking to the future with FUTURES END #1-4

On Tuesday DC Comics released solicitations for their comics shipping in May 2014. This included solicits for the first four issues of The New 52 – Futures End featuring our favorite Nuclear Man! Below you’ll find the cover to issue #1 by Ryan Sook (click to enlarge), followed by solicitations for the issues. Be sure […]

Futures End – Dan Jurgens working on Firestorm

Back in December we heard about DC’s new weekly series for 2014, Futures End. Click here for more information. Some of the characters featured in this series will include: Batman Beyond, Frankenstein, and Firestorm. The writers on the series include: Jeff Lemire, Keith Giffen, Brian Azzarello and Dan Jurgens. In an interview last week with Comic […]

BIG NEWS! Firestorm to appear in new weekly, THE NEW 52: FUTURES END

Wow! Didn’t see this coming! Yesterday DC Comics announced a new weekly series starting in Spring 2014 entitled, The New 52: Futures End. The big news for Match-heads is that Firestorm will play an important role in the series!! The story broke via the Associated Press early Wednesday morning. I’ll give a quick rundown of the […]

Multiplex’s Daughter is Batman Beyond’s Catwoman

In Batman Beyond #5 released last month, it was revealed that the future Catwoman is the daughter of Danton Black (a.k.a. the Firestorm villain known as Multiplex).  Below is a page from Batman Beyond #4 in which she demonstrated her duplicating ability.  While her father could create a limitless number of replicants, she is apparently […]

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