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Futures End – Dan Jurgens working on Firestorm

Back in December we heard about DC’s new weekly series for 2014, Futures End. Click here for more information. Some of the characters featured in this series will include: Batman Beyond, Frankenstein, and Firestorm. The writers on the series include: Jeff Lemire, Keith Giffen, Brian Azzarello and Dan Jurgens. In an interview last week with Comic Book Resources, Dan Jurgens explained that he’s working on Firestorm’s part of the story. Here is Dan’s quote:

The character I’m playing around with most right now is Firestorm. One of the things we talked about when we first started to get the overall story ideas together is, if we’re going to tell a story that takes place five years from now, what are the changes the characters might naturally go through in that amount of time? Say, if you take a 25-year-old person, hypothetically they’re 30 five years later, they don’t go through as much change. If you take high school age characters, like Firestorm — or the kids that made him up, Ronnie Raymond and Jason Rusch — that five-year period for them is filled with change. You really move from being a kid to an adult; you are into your college years or through college already. I’m playing around with those general concepts of what happens to these people we might have first seen in their high school years — what are they five years down? How does that affect them in terms of whether or not they’re a superhero like Firestorm, or whether they make a decision not to be? That’s really the area I’m focusing on.

Sounds pretty cool! After reading Dan Jurgens’ run on the recent Firestorm series, I’m excited to see his take on these characters five years later! Also, it’s a comfort to hear that in the future Firestorm will still be composed of Ronnie and Jason. With current events in Forever Evil, I wasn’t sure what might happen to our favorite Nuclear Man. Click here to read the entire interview with the writers of Futures End.

New 52 Futures End #0 cover by Ryan Sook

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