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George Perez Formally Retires From Comics

Sad news about George Perez officially retiring from comics. Many don’t realize that George’s very first work for DC Comics was on the Firestorm back-ups strips in THE FLASH!

Below is George Perez’s very first page for DC Comics! The splash page for the Firestorm back-up story in The Flash #289! Click to enlarge!

George Perez Firestorm art from The Flash #289

Another beloved George Perez Firestorm image is from the 1984 Justice League of America postcard set.

George Perez 1984 Firestorm from JLA postcard set

Personally, I’ve always loved the cover to Justice League of America #205 featuring Professor Stein battling Hector Hammond!

Justice League of America #205 cover by George Perez

Finally, here are two quick convention head sketches George did for me a few years back at DragonCon.

George Perez Firestorm quick head sketch from DragonCon

George Perez Killer Frost quick head sketch from DragonCon

George Perez and the Irredeemable Shag at DragonCon 2012

What a fantastic artist and wonderfully warm human being! We were lucky to have his work on Firestorm!!

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  1. Outburst says:

    One of the absolute best. Hope he has a great retirement.

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