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Adam Beach Talks Slipknot from Suicide Squad Film

In a recent interview with Rama’s Screen, actor Adam Beach shared some details about the character of Slipknot in the upcoming Suicide Squad film. Click here to read all the details. For just a snippet, check out Adam’s quote below:

When you researched the villains in the DC comics, everybody’s been through the assassin’s drill of training to kill. My skill is the ropes. Give me a rope and I can fight with it, I can tie you up. They were teaching me a move where if you try to throw a punch, I can use a rope to grab that punch, put the rope around your neck and just drop my weight and it snaps your neck. There’s a lot of martial art skills you can use with the rope and it was pretty cool, man!

In case you weren’t aware, Slipknot is a Firestorm villain! More of Firestorm’s rogue gallery coming to live action!!

Adam Beach as Slipknot in Suicide Squad

My thanks to the numerous Match-heads who sent me links to this information! Much appreciated!

Can’t wait to see the Larcenous Lariat on the big screen!

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