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Firestorm the Nuclear Muppet by Xum Yukinori

Back in last September, CBR’s The Line it is Drawn celebrated the return of the Muppets to television! Our buddy Xum Yukinori contributed the following piece after being given the direction of, “Beaker and Bunsen Honeydew are the new Firestorm!”

Beaker and Bunsen Honeydew as Firestorm the Nuclear Muppet by Xum Yukinori

Beaker has always been one of my favorite Muppets, so this is a particularly fun piece. And this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Firestorm illustrated as a Muppet. Check this link for another Firestorm Muppet incarnation!

Sorry it took so long to post this item. Been crazy busy and on the road. Hoping to catch up on items over the next few weeks.

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