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Firestorm Fuse Beads

My daughter has taken an interest in fuse beads (call them perler beads, melty beads, whatever). If you are unfamiliar with them, they are little round circles you place on peg boards, and then melt together using an iron.  You can create some really cute crafts using these materials.

So when my daughter asked me to create some fuse bead artwork with her, this is what I made…

Firestorm fuse beads melty beads perler beads

I know, you are shocked I went for Firestorm. I’m no expert, and definitely need practice with the ironing and melting, but I had a blast! If you squint, Firestorm looks very 8-bit. I found this Firestorm fuse bead pattern on Etsy via Beads of Rohan.

The next night she wanted me to build some more. Take a wild guess which superhero I did next…

Aquaman fuse beads melty beads perler beads

Again, squint and the image becomes very clear. We were running out of black beads, so I had to get creative and build this one without the color black. I found this Aquaman fuse bead pattern on deviantART via Elis Bead Sprites.

Have you built any superhero crafts with your children? If so, let us know in the comments!

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  1. Martin Gray says:

    Wow, you are almost talented! Love those beady eyes…

  2. Awesome! There was a guy at HeroesCon selling these, my friend Joe got a Green Lantern which was beyond cool!

  3. Very nice work Shagg! Nothing like crafting with the kids.


  4. Spinks says:


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