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Firestorm’s first appearance since Forever Evil

Believe it or not, we haven’t seen Firestorm in the mainstream DC universe (call it The New 52 if you like) since Forever Evil #7 (released way back in March 2014). Yup, it’s been over a year since the Nuclear Man appeared. Kinda surprising, isn’t it?

I know what you are thinking… Didn’t we just see Firestorm in The New 52: Futures End? Nope, that was a possible timeline five years in the future. Didn’t we see Firestorm in Justice League a few months ago? Nope, he was only referenced as being infected. Didn’t he just appear in a panel of the Bat-Mite promo? Well yes, but that was a gag, and it was just a photo. It wasn’t Firestorm actually appearing and doing something.

For the first time since Forever Evil #7, Firestorm has made an appearance in a mainstream DC comic! Sort of. Truthfully, he has a one panel appearance in the online DC Sneak Peek of Justice League United #11. Not exactly a triumphant return, but we’ll take it!

DC Sneak Peek: Justice League United with Firestorm


  • Does this mean Firestorm will appear in Justice League United at some point?  Not sure.
  • What’s up with Firestorm’s shadowy appearance and obscured costume? Not sure
  • Why is he floating above the Earth and what is the lofty-concept universal threat? Not sure

Lots of questions and we’re short on answers. Looking forward to finding out! My thanks to Siskoid and Martin Gray for the heads-up on this appearance!

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  1. FKAjason says:

    Captain Atom popped up in that sneak peak too,

  2. Spinks says:

    Maybe, DC will reboot him again in his own series–esp. with the Flash TV series going so well… here’s hoping!

  3. The image smacks of trying to conceal a costume re-design that may not be finalized yet.

    On the other hand, I wouldn’t be surprised if when we next see Firestorm, his look is much darker (black and dark red) to reflect the FLASH TV show look.

  4. Jeff R. says:

    You have seen Xum’s Line it is Drawn for this week on CSBG, right? Just checking; expected to see a reference over here already by now…

  5. Give the way DC has treated a lot of characters in Nu52 (last I read, I’ve jumped ship for awhile now), I don’t know if I’m that upset about Firestorm being left out.

    Then again… if Shag up and approves what they do with him next, I’ll buy a copy.

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