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No Robbie Amell in Flash Spin-Off

According to news reports from last week, the unnamed Arrow/Flash spin-off will not include Robbie Amell. We knew he wasn’t part of the initial announcement, but here is further information from Greg Berlanti in a recent Entertainment Weekly interview.

One of the main burning questions after the project’s announcement was why Robbie Amell was missing from the cast list, considering he makes up the other half of Firestorm, Ronnie Raymond. Unfortunately, it sounds like bad news could be on the horizon as Berlanti admits there is a particular reason for his absence, but “I can’t say why.”

Firestorm with no Ronnie Raymond / Robbie Amell

So here is my crazy fanboy theory on this. Berlanti hints that something may happen to Ronnie. Maybe the story will make it look like Ronnie dies. Given the popularity of the character, it’s hard to imagine they’ll actually kill him. So my pet theory (which is probably completely wrong) is that he doesn’t actually die, but the producers don’t want to spoil the surprise by announcing Robbie Amell’s involvement with the casting just yet. I know, crazy theory or perhaps sad wishful thinking. Fingers crossed!

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  1. Jeph says:

    And then there’s always Jason Rusch…

  2. CraigMD says:

    I know from his instagram account that he’s been working out because he’s set to make another appearance on The Flash. I won’t be surprised if he isn’t in the spin-off show though as he seems to be a bit more interested in having a movie career at this point. We’ll probably see Stein fuse with Jason Rusch (or someone else) to become the new Firestorm.

  3. Keith G. Baker says:

    I really hope there’s no Jason in our future.
    Jason:Firestorm::Jean-Paul Valley:Batman

  4. Jason has his moments. I wasn’t sold at first but later on Jason did improve. I think a “3-way” set up could be interesting, where Martin, Jason and Ronnie could fuse in any pair to make FS with all the drama that would entail.

    I’m curious whether there’s been any confirmed word on whether this is live or animated yet.

  5. I really hope we get Amell, at least on occasion. I’m not a huge Jason fan either, so I’d rather it just be Stein as Stein if there is no Ronnie to make Firestorm.


  6. Joe X says:

    Mikhail Arkadin anyone?

    1. Jon says:

      Ha, I was just thinking that 😀 Or heck, I’d even accept “rookie lab assistant Madison Payne gets more than she bargained for when…”

      So long as one half of the main duo is there, there’s a lot of possibilities that could work. Half of Firestorm on TV is better than no Firestorm.

  7. I’m convinced that a Stein/Jason Firestorm can work just fine. Stuart Moore was starting to do some interesting things with the concept, and I’m convinced that he was hampered by corporate meddling (One Year Later, then later Countdown) which kept us from seeing the pairing used for more than a tiny handful of issues.

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