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Todd Nauck Firestorm Sketch 2014

I’m repeating myself here (for the fourth time I think), but its worth repeating… I LOVE TODD NAUCK’S ARTWORK! Something about his superhero style really speaks to me. It’s light-hearted, dynamic, and just darn enjoyable to look at. (See, I’m so excited I just ended a sentence with a preposition!) If you are unfamiliar with Todd Nauck, he’s well known for his artwork on titles such as: NightcrawlerAmazing Spider-Man, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man,Guarding the Globe, Young Justice, his own creation Wildguard, and many others.

Check out this post-it note Firestorm sketch by Todd from his Facebook page at the end of 2014! Love it!

Todd Nauck draws Firestorm

Such a great artist! For further Todd Nauck Firestorm artwork, click here!

If you want to meet Todd in person, attend the Emerald City Comic Con on March 27-29, 2015! Find him in Artist Alley at table EE-01. If you are interested in keeping up with Todd online, visit him on: Twitter, Facebook, deviantART, Instagram, Tumblr, and his own website! Tell him FIRESTORM FAN sent you!

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