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Kevin Maguire draws Animal Man & Firestorm

This drawing combines some of my favorite things! Not only do I love Firestorm, I’m a huge fan of Animal Man! Such a great character! What could make this combination even better? Artwork by Kevin Maguire, one of my favorite Justice League artists of all time! I simply adore this drawing! When Kevin posted it to Facebook, it made my day. :)

Kevin Maguire draws Animal Man and Firestorm

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  1. LOVE it, and Maguire – I was one of those lucky(smart?) enough to be buying his Justice League as it rolled out years back – what a treat, and what a talent.
    Great pic – cheers
    Artie(The Blog from the Bog)

  2. Loved Maguire’s Justice League. Too bad Firestorm was in an odd place when that comic really got going. Ronnie would have fit in well, and we could’ve gotten Magiure Firestorm!


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