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Black Lantern Firestorm HeroClix… welcome home!

The Black Lantern we love to hate has his own HeroClix! Check out who arrived at the Firestorm Fan Sanctum this week! It’s Black Lantern Firestorm (later known as the original Deathstorm)!

War of Light HeroClix - Black Lantern Firestorm

This particular HeroClix has been available since August, but I just got around to picking him up. You can find him as part of the HeroClix War of Light wave 2 collection.

If you’ve ever bought HeroClix, you know they come with a card explaining the powers. For Black Lantern Firestorm, they explained his abilities using some of his ridiculous lines from Blackest Night. A very fun and creative way to do this! Check it out!

My thanks to Nate Winchester for reminding me to pick this up! Nate got his Black Lantern Firestorm HeroClix the legit way — he bought a random booster and got lucky. I took the lazy route and ordered it on eBay. Lazy Shag. Whatever method you chose, pick up yours today!

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