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Watch The Flash tonight!

The Flash premieres tonight on the CW Network at 8pm EST! Don’t miss the first episode! Keep pace with the fastest man alive so you’re ready when Robbie Amell makes his debut as Firestorm!

The Flash on CW

If you can’t stand the wait and want Flash excitement right now, check out The Flash Podcast! Flash fan Andy Behbakht has been doing the show for about 10 months helping to build excitement for the series premiere! He’s also been kind enough to invite me to discuss the Firestorm characters appearing on the Flash! If you want some Firestorm/Flash chocolaty goodness, check out these episodes!

Want even more Flash excitement? Be sure to check out our buddy Kelson’s Speed Force blog! Kelson has been chasing the fastest man alive for over six years now! Great site!

Can’t wait to watch the episode tonight!

Support Firestorm (and The Flash)! Fan the flame (and Speed Force)!

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  1. Xum Yukinori says:

    And to those who have already seen the pilot via dubious means, watch it again to see the wonder in HD!

  2. Now THAT was a pilot! And the show seems downright upbeat, despite the New 52 origin additions. I’m in!


  3. Lil Russell Burbage says:

    I loved it! Not a big fan of Barry’s mother being killed etc, but LOVED that John Wesley Shipp played Barry’s father!! The Weather Wizard was a good villain to start with, too. Angry pants are thrown away, I am IN!!

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