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Multiplex Confirmed for Flash Episode 2!

The CW have released a description for the second episode of their upcoming series, “Firestorm and his Atomic Friends.” … Wait, sorry. My mistake. … The series is entitled, “The Flash.” However, they did confirm the villain of the second episode is one of our favorite Nuclear Nemeses, Multiplex (Danton Black)! Check out the episode 2 description below:

BARRY HAS FUN WITH HIS NEW POWERS BUT A SETBACK MAKES HIM QUESTION HIS ABILITY TO BE A HERO — Barry (Grant Gustin) escorts Iris (Candice Patton) to a university gathering honoring scientist Simon Stagg (guest star William Sadler). When six gunmen storm the event, Barry changes into The Flash and tries to stop them. While he does save a man’s life, he passes out before he can capture the robbers, which frustrates him. As Dr. Wells (Tom Cavanagh), Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) scramble to find out what’s wrong with Barry, Joe (Jesse Martin) comes down hard on Barry for taking the law into his own hands and risking his life. Barry realizes that it wasn’t six gunmen but a metahuman named Danton Black (guest star Michael Christopher Smith), who can make multiples of himself. Meanwhile, Iris becomes even more intrigued by the “red streak.” David Nutter directed the episode with story by Greg Berlanti & Andrew Kreisberg and teleplay by Andrew Kreisberg & Geoff Johns (101). Original airdate 10/14/2014.

How cool is that?!?! Nice to see they are going with the classic spelling of his name, “Danton” rather than “Dalton”. For more on Michael Smith, click here! All these Firestorm characters appearing on The Flash: Caitlin Snow (Killer Frost), Ronnie Raymond, Plastique, Professor Martin Stein (eventually they’ve said), and now Multiplex! Can’t wait for Bazooka Joan and Zuggernaut!

If you’re unfamiliar with Multiplex, here is some info on the comic character to catch you up. Important facts: Multiplex has the power to create super-strong duplicates of himself; he was the first supervillain Firestorm ever fought; his origin is directly tied to Professor Stein and the creation of Firestorm; and he and Killer Frost are Firestorm’s primary arch-enemies. Below I’ve included two versions of his costume (original and contemporary), as well as his Who’s Who entry circa 1986. I doubt he’ll be wearing a costume on the show, but it’s still cool to see how he appears in the comics. Check it out!

Multiplex’s original costume

Multiplex's original costume - Firestorm & Flash connection

Multiplex’s contemporary costume

Multiplex's current costume - Firestorm & Flash connection

Multiplex’s WHO’S WHO entry. Click to enlarge and read!

Multiplex Who's Who entry - Firestorm & Flash connection

My thanks to Daniel “Cynical” Adams (of the Bad Mamma Jammas) for the heads-up on this!

Firestorm (and CW’s The Flash)! Fan the flame!

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  1. Doug Z says:

    TIME OUT!! You skipped right over the fact that it mentions “Simon Stagg”!! Holy Metamorpho, Shag!!!

  2. Spinks says:

    Dare we dream… Firestorm in the Flash TV series… and then, Firestorm spin-off! Dare we, dare we?!?

  3. […] or may not become Frostbite) won’t be the only Firestorm character showing up on The Flash. Multiplex will be appearing in episode two as one of the number of ‘Metahumans‘ showing up after […]

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