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Power Records Podcast #06: Spider-Man!

The Power Records Podcast, Part of the Fire and Water Podcast NetworkThe sixth episode of THE POWER RECORDS PODCAST is now available! This week it’s all about one of Power Records’ biggest stars, The Amazing Spider-Man! Rob and Chris take a listen to two exciting Spidey audio adventures, “Return of the Conquistador” and “The Mad Hatter of Manhattan.”

Find the sixth episode of THE POWER RECORDS PODCAST on iTunes. Each episode is released as part of THE FIRE AND WATER PODCAST feed. While you’re on iTunes, please drop us a review. Alternatively, you may download the podcast by right-clicking here, choosing “Save Target/Link As”, and selecting a location on your computer to save the file (40 MB).

Power Records Podcast

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  1. Kyle Benning says:

    Yay!!! Another episode of Power Records!!!

    “I’ll take Vanilla if you don’t mind!”

    “Naughty, naughty! I think I better take that Pig-Sticker away from you with my special ‘Pig-Sticker Remover Web-Shot #13’!” WHAAT!!! This might be the most ridiculous line of dialogue I have ever heard!! Is that like Shark Repellent Bat Spray? Wow!

    Ridiculous dialogue aside, this first tale actually wasn’t too bad given that it was an original tale not based off of a pre-existing comic tale. The tone with the dark, depressing beginning fit right in with previous (odd) Power Record story choices.

    Wow, a helmet that turns you into the ultimate human being and a ray gun in a sword hahaha wow. And another great ridiculous line from Spidey there. “And now for the Web-Head’s famous triple-twist, over-head, down-the-hatch, wrapper-upper!” This right up there with some of DC’s sillier Silver Age stories….and I love it!

    Love how Spider-Man is also apparently a judge, according to Spidey, this nut-job only has to spend a year or two in the slammer as punishment for all of his high class thefts.

    Hahaha I love Chris’s backstory on this, so tragic but funny! Nice touch throwing that Goldie Locks Power Records in the post episode!

  2. Yeah, Rob got me on that stinger. I’d like to say that came from the record I got in the “Conquistador” sleeve, but I never listened to it, whatever it was. I was far too bitter.


  3. rob! says:

    I couldn’t resist. Sorry Chris. :)

  4. Diabolu Frank says:

    Both of the stories in this episode barely qualified as stories at a basic technical level. They don’t so much have two acts as a loosey goosey cause & effect of “there’s a bad person so Spider-Man punches them the end.”

    I wonder why that rich old lady at the beginning sounded tormented over a candy bar? Peter Parker’s classroom scenes were filmed before a live studio audience? The Conquistador is so pathetic and obviously incompetently nuts that rooting for Spider-Man is like joining the Nurse Ratched fan club. I wonder if this was a reworked Kolchak Power Record with the brutal murders and Peter’s relationship to the cop.

    Then there’s The Mad Hatter of Manhattan, who I’m confused, wore actual costumes (as pictured) or just dopey hats? If the former, were all his illicit gains channeled back into the Halloween Superstore, and wouldn’t that have been a meaty lead? If the latter, how many flamboyant guys with access to lots of hats could there be in one city? We all laughed him off, but technically, he did try to murder Spider-Man. Say, which of your listeners is fixated on the Penguin, because that was a respectable Burgess Meredith impersonation? The music, especially in the first tale, was also quite good.

    I find that usually “realistic” artists are a poor fit for Spider-Man, but Neal Adams was sure an exception. It seriously contrasts that super lousy Hatter art, which would have fallen below my standards in kindergarten. Spider-Man appears to be spawning from his own logo. Ew. I may well have had that Spidey33⅓, because I distinctly recall that album art with the strips and the Draco story, but not so much these two.

    The thing that saves both “stories” is that the voice acting is a joy, especially the cop/haberdasher, even as he confuses mightily. The Conquistador was also swell.

    If it helps, Chris can just watch the first, third and fourth Ape movies, a.k.a. the good ones. He could also jump right into Dawn to help put some wind behind his Remediation of the Apes.

    I’m saving the full sad story for my own podcast, but I basically made my own Howard the Duck movie adaptation Power Cassette, because poverty.

  5. I questioned whether or not “Harry the Hat” was dressed in full costume or not. It’s all a bitt iffy. I know the feather from his own hat (what kind of hat did MJ buy for him, anyhow?) supposedly tipped him off, but if he was in full Robin Hood, Musketeer or pirate dress, why would his hats stand out so much?

    I’m SOOOO overthinking this thing. It ends with a haberdasher devoloping a brain enhancing helmet. Logic need not apply.


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