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Pat Broderick sketches for Heroes Convention this weekend!

Check out these brand new Pat Broderick Firestorm sketches! These are pre-con sketches available at the Heroes Convention in Charlotte this weekend! Find Pat himself in Artists Alley, booth #1810! Also, be sure to head over to Pat’s website and check out his creator-owned series, Nibiru and the Legend of the Annunaki!

Pat Broderick Firestorm sketch for Heroes Convention 2014

Pat Broderick Firestorm sketch for Heroes Convention 2014

Wow! Pat is still the master at drawing the Nuclear Man! You Match-heads better hurry to Pat’s booth this weekend and pick up these sketches before someone else does!

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  1. Martin Gray says:

    THOOM! (which is a Firestorm Wow!i reckon) just gorgeous. Pat Broderick is madly talented.

  2. Those are awesome sketches!

  3. James says:

    Threadjack: I just started reading “The Nail” from 1998, have you talked about it Shag? Particularly who is in one of the capsules at the alien research center? Moreso because oddly, it appears to be the Blank Slate.

  4. Spinks says:


  5. Mr. Broderick looked awfully busy on Saturday at HeroesCon! I don’t think there was one time I walked by his table in Artist’s Alley that he didn’t have at least a few people there. He certainly deserves to be busy at the Con because he does great stuff!

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