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URGENT ACTION! Vote for Firestorm action figure today!

URGENT ACTION NEEDED BY FIRESTORM FANS! Vote for Firestorm action figure! Voting ends today! Then spread the word!

Firestorm Urgent Action

My thanks to Match-heads Karl Gertsakis and Steve Lundy for the heads-up!

Support Firestorm! Fan the flame!

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  1. Martin Gray says:

    Thanks, I never knew about this poll. I did indeed vote for someone beginning with F ….

  2. FKAjason says:

    I voted for your favorite hot-head. No Captain Atom on the list. Guess he’s been abandoned by DC.

  3. roger says:

    i wrote in ambush bug…..bwahahahahahahaha

  4. I am very bemused by the fact that there is a DC Collectibles New 52 Hawkman toy coming in the fall, when we already have a New 52 style Hawkman figure released under the DCUC label. Very interesting-k.

    Voted for Firestorm. Good luck!

  5. Tim Wallace says:

    No Blue Beetle listed…so I voted Firestorm!

  6. Gawen Keen says:

    Cool I voted for best nuclear man there is Firestorm

  7. Boosterrific says:

    I see a theme: “My favorite hero isn’t an option, so I lent my vote to Firestorm.” Well, me too.

  8. Martin Stein Returns says:

    Vote early and often. Firestorm faces an uphill battle in the electoral college.

  9. Tim Wallace says:

    I wonder if we could petition for a “Blue and Gold” two-pack?

  10. I supposed I could have voted for Black Canary, but that would feel too mud like supporting the New 52 version of the character. I can’t do that. The Earth 2 Doctor Fate was tempting, but I went with Firestorm to support the team.

  11. I voted for Firestorm (multiple times of course). I also put it on my Facebook and several friends went and voted for him too.

    Go Flamehead!

  12. Shag says:

    Hey Match-heads! DC announced the top three winners of the poll. We didn’t rank, but thank you for trying! You Match-heads really mobilized!!

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