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Mustachioed Firestorm by Thom Zahler, Ron Swanson style

Here is a fun commission by Thom Zahler (writer and artist of Love and Capes) done at C2E2 back in April. Love Firestorm and Professor Martin Stein sporting mustachios! When I asked him, “Is that Firestorm with a Commissioner Gordon ‘stache or a Porn ‘stache?”  He responded with, “The full Ron Swanson.”  LOL!

Mustachioed Firestorm by Thom Zahler

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  1. “I’m worried that you heard me say ‘I want a lot of bacon and eggs’. What I said was, ‘Give me ALL the bacon and eggs you have’. Okay?” – Ron Swanson

    Great sketch!

  2. Martin Stein RIP says:

    I always thought that if either Ronnie or Martin had a beard or mustache, Firestorm should have a flaming beard or flaming mustache.

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