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Change Your Avatar May 20 thru May 23 – Fan the Flame

Hey Match-heads! The final issue of The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Man will be released next Wednesday, May 22. To help say goodbye to Firestorm’s ongoing series, let’s all rally together and give the Nuclear Man a social media send-off!


From Monday, May 20 through Friday, May 24, please use the image below as your social media avatar (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google Plus, Pinterest, Blogs, etc).  If five days is too much for you, please at least consider it for Wednesday, May 22.

Firestorm Farewell by Luke Daab

The drawing above was done by the dastardly creative Luke Daab. It sums up how many of us Match-heads feel about the cancellation of this title. It’s been a fun ride with some amazing creators! The last few months with Dan Jurgens have been especially fantastic, so this cancellation is heartbreaking.

USE THE HASHTAG: #FirestormFarewell

If you post to social media about Firestorm between Monday, May 20 through Friday, May 24, please include the following hashtag: #FirestormFarewell


Please share this post with fellow comic book fans and encourage them to participate. The more people that participate, the larger the impact.

This social media send-off isn’t going to change DC Comics mind about the cancellation, it’s just going to show there are fans of Firestorm out there and we love the character. In fact, I’d prefer if we all kept our comments focused on supporting the character and how we’ll miss his monthly series, rather than being aggressive and hostile about the cancellation. I don’t want a flamewar breaking out towards DC Comics, any of the creators of the series, or between fellow fans. Let’s just demonstrate that we’re sad to see the series go and we still support the character!

My thanks to Keith G. Baker and Hector Negrete for suggesting this idea. Also, my thanks to FKA Jason for helping to spread the word!

Support Firestorm! Fan the Flame!
It’s not just a slogan! Seriously, support Firestorm by changing your avatar!

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  1. Ken Deemer says:

    Posted on all 3 of my Social Media Outlets! Twitter, Facebook & Google +. If I could figure out how to post on Instagram I’ll do that too!

  2. liquidcross says:

    A flamewar? Ha ha, I get it…

  3. DrNobody says:

    People should also friend/like Dan Didio, and tag him in either the pic or the comment section so that he sees it… Just a suggestion… ;^)

  4. I’m sorry Dr. Nobody, but it’s against my moral code to friend/like Dan Didio. :-(

  5. DrNobody says:

    It’s okay, Little Russell Burbage… I’ve found he’s ultimately not that bad of a guy… And he usually will answer questions when you send him questions, although if it’s specific to a story line, he will of course not tell you if it’s not out already… 😉 I did put mine up, btw… A few hours early for Pacific time, but not that far off Eastern time!!

  6. Ken Deemer says:

    Changed on all my Social Media! #FarewellFirestorm
    DC’s new 52 Sucks!

  7. It is done (although nobody who knows me on FB is likely to understand…).

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