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Felicity Smoak from Arrow worked for Power Girl!

This one is for fans of the TV show Arrow, fans of Power Girl, or fans of Firestorm!

Back in Green Lantern/Power Girl #1 (Oct. 2000), Felicity Raymond (formerly Felicity Smoak) was shown working for Karen Starr (Power Girl’s secret identity). Apparently Felicity’s computer skills earned her a high-ranking position in Karen’s company, Starrware.

Felicity Smoak (Raymond) from Arrow as she appeared in Green Lantern/Power Girl #1

Green Lantern/Power Girl #1 (part of the Green Lantern: Circle of Fire crossover) was written by Scott Beatty, pencilled by Pete Woods, and inked by Andrew Pepoy & John Stanisci.

Green Lantern Power Girl #1 by Scott Beatty and Pete Woods

As you can see in the first panel above, Felicity appears older in the comics as compared to Emily Bett Rickards performance on Arrow. This is understandable as by this point in comics Felicity had quite a bit of life experience: a former manager for a New York software company, filed a lawsuit against Firestorm for negligence, married Ed Raymond, helped raise her college-aged stepson Ronnie Raymond, and furthered her career at other companies. She was a successful woman and not one to be crossed.

For contrast in appearance, below you’ll find an image of Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak on Arrow. Who knows, maybe this Felicity Smoak will ending up working for Power Girl someday too!

Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak on CW's Arrow

My thanks to Ed “The Unique Geek” for the heads-up on this comic appearance!

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  1. Funny! Nice find indeed. I’d love to see Karen Starr pop up on Arrow; the show has not been afraid to use DCU elements so she’d fit in for sure.

    To be fair, Felicity is not normally that dolled up on the show. She typically wears glasses and has her hair back in a ponytail. For those who do not watch Arrow, Felicity is a quirky IT expert from Queen Industries who Oliver brings into the fold as technical support in his quest to rid Starling City of corruption. (In the scene pictured, she was at a black tie event trying to lure out a high end European art thief.)

  2. Sean Koury says:

    Damn, though, she looked hot in that episode!

    *passes out*

  3. While I’m always happy to see such finds unearthed, I have to say, that “Felicity Raymond” looks pretty much nothing like Felicity as she had appeared in Firestorm’s own comic book back in the day, and I’m not sure the fact that she’s aged can account for it.

    Kudos to the writer of Green Lantern/Power Girl for the obviously intentional reference, but I wish the artist had done a bit more of his homework….

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