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George Perez art on May 1983 DC Comics Retailer Order Form

Check out this fantastic George Perez drawing from a May 1983 DC Comics Retailer Order Form! I love that they put together special artwork for retailer forms! As a former retailer myself, I always get a kick out of these types of treats. Click the image to enlarge!

 DC Comics Retailer Order Form from May 1983 by George Perez including Firestorm, Swamp Thing, Teen Titans, Batman, Captain Carrot, Legion of Super-heroes, Night Force, All-Star Squadron, and Camelot 3000

If you are 1980’s challenged, here are all the characters listed (L to R): King Arthur (from Camelot 3000); Firestorm (duh); Liberty Belle (from All-Star Squadron); Swamp Thing; Starfire, Robin, & Cyborg (from The New Teen Titans); Batman (from … seriously? You need me to tell you that?); Baron Winters (from Night Force); Captain Carrot (from Captain Carrot & His Amazing Zoo Crew!); and Dream Girl & Wildfire (from Legion of Super-heroes)!

A shout-out to Sean Kory for sending this awesome graphic to me recently! This isn’t the first time I’ve seen it; someone else sent it to me months ago. I apologize to whomever I’m failing to credit, but I’ve lost that information to the sucking vortex of time and failing memory.

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  1. Keith Samra says:

    Superman’s missing…

  2. Mike Harlow says:

    That is AWESOME. :)

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