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Aquaman #17, Firestorm #17, and Justice League #17 Reviews

Firestorm and Aquaman: The Fire and Water Podcast

The 45th episode of THE FIRE AND WATER PODCAST is now available for your listening pleasure! THE FIRE AND WATER PODCAST is the official podcast of FIRESTORM FAN and THE AQUAMAN SHRINE.

Shag and Rob cover the conclusion of the monumental crossover, “Throne of Atlantis”, plus we chat about Firestorm’s latest issue! We discuss Justice League #17 by Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Oclair Albert, and Rod Reis. Next we dive right into Aquaman #17 by Geoff Johns, Paul Pelletier, Sean Parsons, and Rod Reis! Finally, we cover The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #17 by Dan Jurgens, Ray McCarthy, Karl Kesel, and Hi-Fi color!

You can find the 45th episode of THE FIRE AND WATER PODCAST on iTunes. While you’re there, please drop us a review on the iTunes page. Every comment helps! Alternatively, you may download the podcast by right-clicking here, choosing “Save Target/Link As”, and selecting a location on your computer to save the file (47 MB).

As always, thanks to my co-host Rob Kelly, Sea King of THE AQUAMAN SHRINE, for doing all the post-production on these episodes! Intro theme, “That Time is Now,” by Michael Kohler. Special thanks to Daniel Adams and Ashton Burge with their band The Bad Mamma Jammas for our fantastic original closing theme!

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Check out the gorgeous virgin covers (meaning without the logos) to Fury of Firestorm #17, Aquaman #17, and Justice League #17 below!

Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #17 cover by Dan Jurgens, Ray McCarthy, and Hi-Fi

Aquaman #17 cover by Paul Pelletier and Art Thibert

Justice League #17 cover by Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, and Rod Reis

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  1. Sean Koury says:

    Another great episode, guys. Rob was particularly funny this time around. You guys had me laughing from start to finish.

    Although Rob would know what Threshold was if he stopped by the Burrow from time to time. For shame. lol 😉

  2. Siskoid says:

    Doctor Who podcast: No friends to talk to about Doctor Who? What a shame. I grew my own fan friends by feeding everyone the New Series. It mostly resonnates with the girls, I must say. Their interest in the classic series is vague, but they still enjoy talking about it and cna even stomach watching it.

    Rob and Doctor Who: See, the only serial Rob might be professionally interested in is The Underwater Menace (which takes place in Atlantis), so that wouldn’t make him a fan.

    Ray Palmer: He doesn’t shrink exactly, but he’s responsible for the shrinking technology that keeps SHADE HQ fitting in a size-small boot.

    AWESOME SONG: That song was awesome.

    Fury of Firestorm #17: What I like is that the whole issue is about fixing things, and the subplot thematically fits the main plot.

  3. Frank says:

    1. I like how all three comics reviewed were #17s. It’s a shame that synchronicity will be short-lived. You know, Despero’s first New 52 JLA appearances will coincide numerically with the final two Firestorms…

    2. I’m going to download my first episode of Views from the Longbox thanks to the combination of Rob’s guest appearance, Bailey’s strong appearance on the “Thanks” podcast, and their talking about the JLA instead of friggin’ Superman.

    3. Boys, boys… play nicer. It got a little rough this episode with you two scamps.

    4. More like 30% of the former Wall.

    5. Aquaman is front & center helping the humbled Superman on the JL #19 WTF cover (debuting Despero, covertly.)

    6. Digging the Vixen and Atom cameos. Oh, and Firestorm, I guess. Savage Hawkman looks like a kidney stone. I’ll read his last two issues for the JLofA/SSoSV tie-in.

    7. I can’t help you with Xebel, Rob. I quit reading that book months ago.

    8. I think Aquaman allowing a former Atlantean king to be dragged off to a U.S. prison is reason enough to depose him. Aquaman has never been worth a damn as a king. The Hague should probably be involved, instead.

    9. Jean Loring was always a crazy bitch even in the Silver Age, and only progressively became a murderous whore, so there’s no real up side to her being an Atom beyond an inevitable meltdown and attempts on the lives of her fellow Leaguers.

    10. I haven’t gotten my copy of Vibe #1 yet, but it should be in the mail. Gypsy and Dale Gunn– wooo! I guess with the upcoming extinguishing of Firestorm coverage, there’ll be less need for thrice monthly Fire & Water and more room for Shag’s Loco Paco Podcast to fill out the broadcasting family.

  4. Brandon Leonard says:

    Wow, all I can say is this was a bitter sweet month for Firestorm! My month started off on a high with the indication that firestorm was joining the Justice League and then that all went away when Firestorms title was cancelled. I will say though this months Firestorm was one of my favorite issues of Dans run and I am so happy that Geoff Johns has such a strong desire to keep including Firestorm in every project he does! Looking forward to see how Firestorms roll in this new Justice League turns out!

  5. Keith Samra says:

    Damn it… My comics havnt arrived yet, so I cant listen to the episode yet!!! America needs to either send comics earlier!

  6. Frank says:

    11. In all honesty, I found the Luke Daab song… disturbing? Wasn’t that used as the theme on NBC’s failed 1989 “The Boys of Firestorm” sitcom pilot starring Cory Tyler, Ian Ziering, and Kurtwood Smith as “The Doc?” Obviously the twenty seconds used over the credits didn’t include Freddie Mercury’s paycheck bridge, which sincerely struck fear in my heart for the ultimate fate of humanity.

    12. I’m confident that no one else would bother to reintroduce the Sea Devils outside of an Aquaman comic, the only place desperate enough to build a “universe” out of oceanic also-rans and never-wases.

    13. How did Mera pay for her groceries? She had made a few fins working for scale at “The Dinghy,” just for the halibut, and had sunk a line of credit at the market.

    14. I haven’t looked at the issue, but Aquaman battles whalers and then swam away while some unfamiliar sea king dude foreshadows in an underwater cave? That’s it? Isn’t that collectively everything everyone thought Aquaman comics were about and wisely chose to not read them for seventy-odd years? I’ve never understood the whole “finny friends” business. Don’t many fish eat fish themselves? He should be more like a stereotypical Native American showing love and respect to the creatures who provide him sustenance after mentally commanding them to swim through butter and jump down his throat.

    15. I also had the Craig Hamilton PAD Aquaman poster, and hung it up during a time period when it was unlikely I could get ahold of any kind of partners sex I wanted. I then hung it in one of my shops, and eventually sold it. “Hung” really is an important word in those sentences. Seriously, without any intent toward defamation or condemnation, I simply do not have enough testosterone circulating throughout my body to pull off decor that blatantly gay without poisoning the expectations of the opposite sex.

    16. Rob, “donnybrook?” You get no points for that. The market for musical theater starring Maureen O’Hara and Cyril Cusack isn’t what it used to be.

  7. […] the recent film The Muppets with Jason Segel. That’s high praise! The song premiered on the latest FIRE AND WATER PODCAST during the break (37 minutes & 30 seconds into the […]

  8. Frank says:

    17. Reverb changed his name to Hardline for, like, one appearance. Echo was the chick in the Conglomerate with the thigh high boots and Borat one-piece.

    18. I think you could get away with a headline hero mooring 2nd/3rd stringers in an anthology through the ‘80s and ‘90s, but that hasn’t proven to work since Showcase and especially Marvel Comics Presents bit the dust. I think they’d honestly be better off with more niche features, since fanboys know that those obligatory Batman Family segments are usually bloodless and irrelevant. Dark Horse Presents has been doing fairly well without shoehorning Buffy in every month, so long as you can gather a large enough audience that’ll pay more for expanded pages (not to mention employing beloved veterans and bold upstarts rather than tossing the chores to amateurs for farming.) I think that would be more appealing than tossing a co-feature into the back of a middling book.

    19. The discussion of subplot/conversational issues got me thinking about my first JLA comic purchase. I’d seen/read comics featuring the team, but as I’ve mentioned in the past, Texas was and remains very pro-Marvel. I don’t think JLA comics typically hit the newsstands when I was growing up, and if they did, I passed on them. Anyway, the first JLA book I ever bought and read by my recollection was Justice League International #8, the all-comedy “Moving Day,” and that fantastic issue is what got me buying the team irregularly thereafter.

    20. I will BUY a copy of Ace Kilroy. Otherwise, I can’t savage it most viciously and make Rob cry with my full integrity intact. Luckily, a review would only turn up at …nurgh… Sad songs and waltzes aren’t selling this year.

  9. Keith Samra says:

    OK, finally got the books, read them, and then listened to the episode! Great job as usual guys!

    Luke Daab is an extremely talented guy… The song had an ’80s Seseme Street feel to it!
    I half expected the stinger to be, “This episode of the Fire and Water Podcast was bought to you buy the letter A and F, and the number 17. The Fire and Water Podcast is a production of the adult comic collecting network”.

    Robb as an art guy like yourself, I appreciated the kind words you had to say about the art in Aquaman. I initially had written it off as somewhat sub-par. Because lets face it, the “Boys” are a tough act to follow. Thanks to your comments, I went back and really studied the art, and Pellitier really has done a good job.

    Shagg it really is a shame that Firestorm is coming to an end. Especially since it is one of the best books DC is putting out currently! It is a shame that a book titled Red Lanterns is still in publication, but not a DC powerhouse like Firestorm!

    Regarding the Tim Drake and still finding it hard to call him Red Robin… Try typing it for a monthly review. I have to go back and change the name from Robin to Red Robin each month in my review of the title at the Superman Homepage.

    Afew episodes ago you guys referred to the New 52 as 90s Marvel… So des that make Batman the equivalent of the X-Men, and Green Lantern the equivalent of Spider-Man? – In terms of the number of books in solicitation.

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