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Multiplex in the New 52 Justice League!

I’m going to hold my comments until next week on the new issue of Fury of Firestorm. That should give everyone time to read their copy. (pssst… it was really good!) In the meantime…

Last week Multiplex made his New 52 debut in the back pages of Justice League #13! … Wait a minute … Multiplex in one of the top selling comics in the world … seriously?!?! Hot dog!!! If you missed it, he was shown in a flashback fighting Green Arrow. This all took place in a six-page back-up story written by Geoff Johns & Jeff Lemire, penciled by Brad Walker, and inked by Drew Hennessy. Below are the two relevant pages.

Justice League #13 starring Green Arrow and Multiplex by Geoff Johns, Jeff Lemire, Brad Walker, and Drew Hennessy

Justice League #13 starring Green Arrow and Multiplex by Geoff Johns, Jeff Lemire, Brad Walker, and Drew Hennessy

Multiplex is the first classic Firestorm rogue to make an appearance in The New 52. Many months ago we were teased with a potential Killer Frost, but that storyline never progressed. I can’t help but wonder if this Multiplex is Danton Black and if his origin is tied with Firestorm or Professor Martin Stein. It’s also worth noting that the Multiplex seen here is wearing the same costume he wore in pre-New 52 days when he fought Jason Rusch in Firestorm vol 3 #11-13 (2005). This six-page story is a lead-in to the new Justice League of America series. So hopefully we’ll find out more about this incarnation of Multiplex in that series.

My thanks to Match-heads Luke Jaconetti and Chad Bokelman for sending this information my way! Thanks guys!

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  1. Siskoid says:

    Firestorm’s rogues make good all-purpose villains, but let’s not forget to pit them against Firestorm too!

  2. outburst says:

    Good news!

  3. Ryan Daly says:

    Are we sure Multiplex is the first of his classic rogues to appear? We did see Cliff Carmichael and “Hyena” squadron in the first couple issues, though they were nothing like their classic versions.

  4. Luke says:

    Afte reading the classic Firestorm trade, I would love to see Multiplex battle Jamie Madrox, the Mulitple Man.

    All I can think of is the scene with X-Factor from the 90s X-Men cartoon, where Madrox offers Wolverine his chin and says “I’ll give you a free shot, right here!” LOL

  5. Leenovak16 says:

    I haven’t been picking up the Green Arrow book lately, is that how his costume is colored there as well? I admit in my mid-thirties, I am getting up there in age and may be going color blind, but Green Arrow isn’t looking very green there.

    It’s good to see Multiplex again, hopefully he still has a connection to Firestorm in this new 52!

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