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Firestorm Endorses East Jordan, Michigan

Firestorm is such a great guy! When he’s not saving the world, he’s taking time out of his busy day to help increase tourism in small communities! For example, he appears inside the visitors guide for East Jordan, Michigan. Below you’ll find the cover. Notice Wonder Woman and Superman also appear to be staunch supporters of East Jordan, however, I’m guessing they only appeared here at the behest of The Nuclear Man.

East Jordan Visitors Guide featuring Superman and Wonder Woman

While two of The Big Three merely got the cover, Firestorm managed to land the coveted Library page! Good for you, Firestorm! Here you can see The Nuclear Man supporting important community services such as disc cleaning to repair PS3 games. Thank goodness for that!

East Jordan Michigan Visitors Guide featuring Firestorm

Other superheroes came out to support East Jordan too! For example, Aquaman appears on the page just before Firestorm. We must have a flock of FIRE AND WATER PODCAST listeners in East Jordan! Click here for Aquaman Shrine’s coverage of this visitors guide. Other heroes supporting this Michigan landmark include: Batman, Green Lantern, Flash, Green Arrow, Hawkwoman, Batgirl, Spider-Man, Captain America, Thor, Yellowjacket, Wonder Man, Vision (who apparently needed to be specifically identified for the readers), and finally Buzz Lightyear & Sheriff Woody! Now that I think about it, this might just be the ultimate superhero team-up of ultimate destiny!

My thanks to Lil’ Russell Burbage from Petoskey for sending this my way! He happened upon this visitors guide and knew I’d just love it! Ironically, East Jordan is only about one hour from where I was born! Crazy small world!

Support Firestorm (and East Jordan)! Fan the flame!

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  1. I had forgotten about this! Nice coverage, Mr. Shag. Any idea who did the art on this Firestorm?

  2. Frank says:

    The Manhunter from Mars reserves his Michigan travel endorsement for Detroit, ‘natch.

    Any subtext to a guy named Firestorm with a head aflame eying rows and rows of books? Does Ronnie only encourage “safe” books at his own grade school reading level?

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