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Justice League Customizable Photo Frame

Looking for the perfect gift for your favorite comic geek? Well this just might be it! It’s a customizable Justice League of America photo frame! It features a colorful vintage comic book cover design (from Justice League of America #207, featuring Firestorm with art by George Perez) plus an area where you can add a photo of your very own printed right on the panel.

Justice League Customizable Photo Panel

Justice League Customizable Photo Panel

Just to give you an idea how this would look with your picture inserted, check out this super-cool dude! Keep in mind, you’ll never be as cool as this guy. :)

Justice League Customizable Photo Panel featuring Slipknot!

Such a great looking frame! Where else are you going to buy a piece of merchandise that includes: Firestorm, Doctor Fate, Aquaman, Johnny Quick, Liberty Belle, and Power Girl?!?! The JLA, JSA, and All-Star Squadron together?!?! It doesn’t get any better! Visit the DC Entertainment online store to order your own today!

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  1. Frank says:

    This makes me want to track down one of my very good long lost friends for a reunion so that I can punch him really hard in the face, preferably with something exploding in the background. Can’t put a price on verisimilitude.

  2. Luke says:

    That frame is awesome! Great find, thank you for sharing this!

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