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Super-Cool Superhero-Themed Birthday Party for Kids

Today we’re looking at one of the coolest superhero-themed birthday parties for a child I’ve ever seen! The party itself looks awesome, and it’s made even better by a young lad dressed as Firestorm!

Peter, the 6 year old birthday boy, had a superhero-themed party (and an incredibly creative mother!). For the full scoop on the party, check out Brian Worlsey’s blog. Below you’ll find a photo of the children at the party. That’s young Andy rocking the Nuclear Man look! I’m totally digging that hat! Click the photo to enlarge.

Superhero Birthday Party with Firestorm, Superman, Spider-Man, Batman and more

Below you’ll find the amazingly cool Super Friends invitation!

Superhero Birthday Party Invitations with the Super Friends: Firestorm, Superman, Batman and more

Each of the birthday boy’s friends was assigned a Super Friend to come dressed up as for a scavenger hunt around the neighborhood. As they explored, Mr. Freeze’s henchmen (a.k.a. all of the kids’ Dads!) were ready to destroy their attempts. Below is an example of the character assignment cards. In this case, you can see Andy was assigned to play Firestorm! The cards even include costume suggestions! So cool! Click the image to enlarge.

Superhero Birthday Party with Firestorm, Flash, Superman, and Plastic Man

Wow! What a cool birthday party! For more pictures, more character assignment cards, mission clues, and much more, be sure to visit Brian Worley’s blog.

Now for a little fun. Check out the close-up shot below. If you study Firestorm’s left sleeve, you can see an orange-sleeved boy behind him. Looking at the character assignment cards, that must be the little boy named Ridge as Aquaman. For you FIRE AND WATER PODCAST fans, this just proves that even children know that Aquaman belongs in Firestorm’s shadow. :)

Superhero Birthday Party with Firestorm and Aquaman

My thanks to Tom Panarese for the heads-up about this amazing birthday party!

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  1. rob! says:

    Wow, you took something as pure and innocent as a children’s birthday party and used it as bludgeon to attack me and Aquaman. Why must you destroy everything you touch, Shag?

  2. Shag! For shame!

    But cool party!!!

  3. Frank says:

    No, the sad part was that this was totally the middle-aged dads’ party, and they made their kids dress like that.
    “What’s a ‘Zan'”?
    “Is Fyre-Storm like Goku? And why doesn’t anyone like me in junior high?”
    “No, he always dresses like Spider-Man. ALWAYS. Even at the community pool.”
    “Dad told me it was too hot for a Batman costume, so we just hit Target for the mask and tee.”
    “My dad handed me a “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” mask and a bottle of shoe polish from out of the hall closet. I couldn’t figure out what I was supposed to do with the polish. He’s playing with it now. Is ‘Sweet Christmas’ part of the scavenger hunt?”
    “Daddy, when I agreed to dress up as Wonder Woman, you specifically said their would be Bronies. I don’t see any Bronies here. Where are my Bronies?”
    “Just keep smiling until CPS gets here. One look at ‘Plastic Man’ and I get a whole new family! Sweet Christmas, indeed…”

  4. Frank says:

    “Why am I wearing a Sheldon Cooper costume?”

  5. Keith Samra says:

    This is so kool! The most I got as a kid was a red towel and a strict warning not to swing on the cloth’s line…

    is the Spider-man kid lost or was he meant to be at a different party?

  6. Ben says:

    Yeah, Keith, I was wondering the same thing . . . they did such a great job keeping it DC, and then there’s Spidey. But seriously, a LOT of work went into that party and my guess is that a lot of fun was had by those kids. Fun, fun stuff.

    And I think the Aquaman observation is valid, if not entirely accurate. :)

  7. Shag says:

    Thanks for the comments!

    Frank – As a parent of small children myself, I gotta disagree that this is a middle-aged dads party. You’d be shocked how passionate little kids can be for superheroes. With that said, I may have to theme my own birthday party like this. :)

    The Spider-Man costume cracked me up. If you look at the character assignment cards, that kid was supposed to be Robin. Clearly he didn’t want to be the Boy Wonder! LOL!


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