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Big Bang Theory – Firestorm Action Figure

Big Bang Theory is well-known for promoting DC Comics’ characters. A few months back we discussed Sheldon wearing a t-shirt featuring Firestorm. It’s been known by matchheads who watch the show that a Firestorm action figure lurches in the background of the nerd’s apartment. I’ve had a few people mention it over the past few years, but have never found photographic evidence. Well, special thanks to our good buddy Randy Collins! Randy found an official photo featuring a blurry, but identifiable, Nuclear Man action figure! Check it out!

Big Bang Theory - Firestorm Action Figure

As an extra bonus, Sheldon is wearing the Firestorm t-shirt in this photo! Double Word Score! In case you are unfamiliar with this particular figure, it’s Jason Rusch from the DC Direct Infinite Crisis line of toys.  See image below.

Jason Rusch Firestorm action figure on Big Bang Theory

Thanks again, Randy!

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  1. Ed says:

    I’m pretty sure I posted this on the TUG listserv at one time also.

  2. Shag says:

    Whoops! I had the wrong Twitter account attached for Randy. Sorry about that! Fixed now.

  3. The Nuclear Men says:

    Episode “The Discovery Dissipation” has a pretty good shot of the Jason Rusch Firestorm in the scene where Leonord walks into the apartment and notifies Sheldon about disproving Sheldons discovery.

    Good to see the old Flame head getting some screen time.

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