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Jenette Kahn talks about Firestorm’s creation

Today we’re piloting the Wayback Machine to November 21, 1977, exactly two weeks before the first appearance of our favorite Nuclear Man in Firestorm #1.  On this fortnight before Firestorm’s debut, Teen Titans #53 hit the stands.  This particular issue is probably best known for featuring the end of the original Teen Titans.  However, also worth noting in this comic was an interesting editorial (or in this case “Publishorial”) from Jenette Kahn, the Publisher of DC Comics at the time.

In this article, Jenette reveals quite a bit about the soon-to-appear Firestorm, as well as his alter-egos Ronnie Raymond and Professor Charles (?!?!) Stein.  She then goes on to explain the creative process in developing new characters.  It’s a very interesting piece and was probably very enlightening for the fans at the time.  Click the image below to enlarge the article to readable size.

Firestorm by Jenette Kahn in Teen Titans #53

Thanks to my FIRE AND WATER PODCAST co-host Rob Kelly for sending me this scan!  I’d never even heard of this editorial prior to Rob sending it my way.  Thanks, Rob!

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  1. rob! says:

    I love finding weird stuff like this. I’d prefer it was Aquaman-related of course, but this is almost as good!

  2. Robert Gross says:

    Oddly enough, an early fan letter from a fan who had seen a preview edition of Firestorm #1 indicated that Ronnie was originally named Robby. I guess both Ronnie and Martin’s first names were tweaked at the last minute.

  3. […] Did you notice the Professor Charles Stein comment above?!??! Believe it or not, this is the second reference to Charles Stein. The first appeared a week prior to this “Daily Planet” edition in an editorial by Jenette Kahn. The editorial appeared November 21, 1977 in Teen Titans #53 (and possibly other comics as well).  Click here to read that editorial. […]

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